Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Suitcases

After church, my mother and I went and did a little shopping today.  On our way back to her house, there were a couple of garage sales set-up.  One had a “Town & Country Radio Flyer” Wagon for only $10…love those red wagons!  My grandmother has been wanting one to use when she is gardening, so we stopped and picked it up.  She was thrilled when I dropped it off a few minutes later.

I have been crushing on vintage suitcase projects for awhile now. I pinned a few on Pinterest and started keeping an eye out for luggage whenever I visited an antique shop. I haven’t shopped hard for them, but I have really only seen a few of the ones I like and they were quite pricey…what a disappointment. So, the suitcase project got put on the ever-growing list of “future-maybe someday projects”….until TODAY!!
I stopped at the other garage sale and found these beauties:IMG_0756[1]
Aren’t they cool?  A little TLC needed, but they are great and I love them.  And, now I get to decide what to do with them. 

There are so many cool ideas out there.  As a matter of fact, there are so many neat projects online that I moved my pins to a new Pinterest board so that the ideas have their own space (see my Vintage Suitcase Ideas board). These two are from Apartment Therapy:
I really need another side table in the living room, so that is the plan….I just gotta figure out how I want it to look.   What table ideas do you like best?

Isn’t it exciting when you get a new project?

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Washer Keychain

One of my friends fell in love with all of the washer jewelry I’ve been making.  DSCN7878DSCN7885

She asked me if I could make something masculine along the same lines as a gift for her husband.  I was up for the challenge and decided upon doing a key ring.  Since she wanted it as a Fathers’ Day gift, it needed to include their son too.DSCN8346I used my metal stamps (two sets from Harbor Freight and a set from Hobby Lobby) and various nickel and copper washers from the hardware store.  The key fob was from the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby.DSCN7824On the first washer, I stamped the couple’s initials on the front and their wedding date on the back.  The second washer has their son’s name on the front and his birthdate on the back.  I stamped a phrase on the large circle piece (also from Hobby Lobby):  “God gave me you”.

She loved it (and so did I).  Fun, huh?

Happy Fathers’ Day!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patriotic Indoor Decor

In my last post, I showed you my Patriotic Front Porch Décor (including a new wreath).  DSCN8371Now, here is what I did on the inside of the house…
Using supplies I picked up at Target and Hobby Lobby, I added a little patriotic sparkle to the dining room area.DSCN8358DSCN8359Then, to the buffet with star confetti, fabric scraps, and large metallic paper stars.DSCN8361DSCN8363DSCN8360And, then on to my favorite decorating spot…my entry nook!  I love making this my seasonal area. First thing I did was copycat a great idea from The Money Pit and purchase some “red, white, & blue” beans!  I did something similar this past Fall and loved the natural look, so I fell for her idea as soon as I saw it.DSCN8357Those are dry black beans and red/white kidney beans in there…how cool is that?
This great metal “Welcome” sign was on clearance at Hobby Lobby…perfect fit inside the nook!DSCN8343Folded 3D stars made out of red, white, & blue scrapbook paper are scattered on the wall:DSCN8367More confetti on the shelf, Hobby Lobby knick-knacks, and raffia tied in bows on the vases:DSCN8368DSCN8370My patriotic-themed entry nook:DSCN8381
God Bless America!DSCN7111

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Patriotic Front Porch Decor

Memorial Day, Flag Day (this Thursday), Independence Day….so many Patriotic celebrations in the summertime!  I love them all and was excited to get my Patriotic-themed décor up.
DSCN8374So, here goes…
I picked up several cute odds-and-ends from the Dollar Spot in Target (Don’t you just love that section?): two paper banners, an “USA” sign, metallic star garland, and a package of metallic paper stars.  DSCN8313Using a foam wreath-form from Walmart, leftover burlap from previous projects, and fabric scraps, I started on a front-door wreath.  I cut strips of burlap and fabric and tied them around the form.DSCN8315DSCN8316I added a flag bell that I purchased from Hobby Lobby and up it went!DSCN8379We put a cute metal yard flag (also from Hobby Lobby….all their patriotic décor was on sale!) in the front flower bed.DSCN8344A pinwheel in an empty flower pot and a rustic painted flag on the shelves, add a little more to the theme.DSCN8378DSCN8375

Happy Flag Day!DSCN7111

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Gifts for the Coach

School ended two weeks ago for my son and there were field trips and parties and all of the end-of-the-year activities.  This also meant the end of baseball season. DSCN7950The principal and teachers came up with a great idea for coaches’ gifts this year…customized folding chairs!  They asked me to put them together…of course, I said “no problem”.  DSCN7937Sometimes, I wonder just what I am thinking…20 chairs in less than a week.  It all worked out in the end, but was a little challenging. 
First things first, I recruited my mother for help.  My son also got in on the project.  My mother is a Cricut user while I have a Silhouette.  I used my Silhouette to make the pattern for the Ram out of thin cardboard.  My mother (and my son) used the Cricut to cut our lettering patterns out of Contact Paper (picked up at the Dollar Store).  DSCN7968I purchased and used Tulip Fabric Paint from Hobby Lobby.  We found the best tools for the project were these sponge applicators…also from Tulip.DSCN7953To get started on the stenciling, I opened all of the chairs and lightly pressed the backs to get out any major wrinkles in the fabric.  This was a challenge the entire time…the thick fabric does not lay very flat and it was a constant battle to keep them flat. The kitchen had the best hard surface and space to work, so the chairs took over the kitchen and living room!DSCN7961I started with the Ram (the school mascot, of course).  It was a clipart image that I uploaded to my Silhouette. DSCN7967We did some with a Ram and the word “RAMS” and some with just the word “RAMS”.  DSCN7969My helpers (my mother and my son) stenciling chairs:DSCN7974We let them dry overnight and then delivered them to the school.  Just as an extra precaution, we left them open for a second night there as well.  DSCN7971DSCN7970The chairs were a hit at the end-of-the-season party and I’m sure the coaches will get a lot of use out of them next year!
Go Rams!

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