Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Washer Keychain

One of my friends fell in love with all of the washer jewelry I’ve been making.  DSCN7878DSCN7885

She asked me if I could make something masculine along the same lines as a gift for her husband.  I was up for the challenge and decided upon doing a key ring.  Since she wanted it as a Fathers’ Day gift, it needed to include their son too.DSCN8346I used my metal stamps (two sets from Harbor Freight and a set from Hobby Lobby) and various nickel and copper washers from the hardware store.  The key fob was from the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby.DSCN7824On the first washer, I stamped the couple’s initials on the front and their wedding date on the back.  The second washer has their son’s name on the front and his birthdate on the back.  I stamped a phrase on the large circle piece (also from Hobby Lobby):  “God gave me you”.

She loved it (and so did I).  Fun, huh?

Happy Fathers’ Day!

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