About Me

Hi!  My name is Julie.
Welcome to Crafty Imaginings & Silly Things...the blog!

I am a single mom to a wonderful boy (T) and a pretty good dog (Layla).  I love my role as "Mom" and all of the surprises that come with having a boy!  T is my best buddy and we love to hang-out together doing projects, watching movies, traveling, et cetera.  T is also my official "taste tester" for new recipes...he says it is his job.  God has truly blessed me with this amazing kid!

I love to craft!  My mother painted and crafted all my life, so it was never a question that this was a "normal" part of life.  My grandmother used power tools, my mother used power tools, and I use power tools now too!  

I work as a RN in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and absolutely love my job.  I get to watch tiny little neonates grow-up!  And, the families come back each Spring for our annual reunion....so awesome!!  We become like extended family and share a bond forever.  I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding career!  

When I am not at work or being "Mom", I am usually creating something 
(or surfing Pinterest!).  This blog is mostly about my "free time" projects...all the little things I do for fun...but I may throw in a few tidbits about me or life in general!  I will try to share tutorials and take lots of pics along the way for you.  I hope that you enjoy hanging-out with me here at Crafty Imaginings & Silly Things!

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