Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Door Turned Hall Tree

I’ve mentioned (more than once) that I love old door projects!  I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Old Doors.  Recently, I went looking for doors for two projects….a hall tree and my pantry re-do.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the perfect doors to fit my pantry, but I did find a perfect one for my hall tree idea!DSCN7548I found this great door at Old Is Better Than New (I first told you about them and my door in one of my Spring Break posts.)DSCN7583It is unpainted on the back, but the front is perfectly chippy..white with a little pale green-blue.  (The neighbors’ little girl asked if I was going to “fix” the paint.  When I said “no”, she responded: “Yeah, you like things that look old, huh?”…..I kinda do!)
I did sand it down a bit and cleaned it up a lot (it had been outside for a little time).  Then, I set to work on my plan……DSCN7584The plate was also included with my door purchase, so I was able to put it back on for a little vintage detail!


I found these great hooks at Hobby Lobby (and they happened to be 50% off that week!). 
The little bottle (looks like nail polish) is metal touch-up paint that came with a set of patio furniture. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve used this stuff!  This time I used it to paint the screws so they would blend in with the hooks.

I added “feet” using some leftover wood pieces and small L-brackets/corner brackets for balance.  I didn’t want it to topple forward when weight was added to the hooks.


The fleur de lis hook is in the center (like a door knocker) and the others on on the sides.

After looking at numerous door-turned-hall trees, I debated on and played with lots of ideas.  Did I want a table on it?  Did I want a bench? Did I want a shoe box?  It went on and on for days…I think that sometimes we can get overwhelmed by all the creative ideas out least I do.

I finally went back to my original idea…just a door with hooks.  Simple. Plain. That’s all I really wanted (I already have my DIY Two-Chair Bench in the entry).  DSCN7589Maybe it’s too simple for some folks, but I love it.  With the addition of a tall houseplant and a basket for shoes, we are good to go!DSCN7599

What projects have you done with an old door?  Tell us (or include a link) in the comments below.


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Decor

I love Spring…..and Spring decorating! 

I showed y’all how I made this Easter Sign last week.  So, I thought I’d show you photos (lots of them) of the rest of the decorations today.DSCN7551
First things first, I updated last year’s front door wreath……here is the BEFORE:DSCN7501Subtracted the flowers and added some eggs, moss, and a cute new bunny sign (purchased for $5 at my local grocery chain) = A fresh AFTER:DSCN7505
Since we are already on the front porch……I just love these flower pots I picked-up at IKEA over Spring Break…so Spring-y, don’t ya think?DSCN7563A few scattered plastic eggs and window decals (from Walmart):DSCN7512Easter flowers, basket grass, and some more plastic eggs update an otherwise boring planter:DSCN7513The Front Porch…ready for Easter:DSCN7562
Moving indoors, here is our Spring-ified nook:DSCN7515

And, dining area (Dollar Tree paper garland in the window):DSCN7523Our dining table centerpiece is a tray of sock bunnies that my son and I made a few years ago….I think they are so cute!DSCN7524DSCN7534The flash makes the beans visible, but in real-life they are not obvious like this…promise.
The idea came from Family Fun magazine (They have great project ideas!).  The tutorial can still be found on their website.

 A few coffee filter flowers and silk stems, add a little Spring to the shelves:
DSCN7536My son’s Easter basket is ready to be filled (on the buffet):DSCN7540DSCN7561Our kitchen was decorated with an old cake plate and a basket and hand towels from the Dollar Spot at Target:DSCN7544DSCN7542
So, there you have it….an Easter Ready house!
Hope you have a beautiful Spring!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Sign

I have been so ready for Spring…and it looks like it is here!  The wildflowers and the trees are blooming like crazy this year and everything looks so happy.  The wind chimes are chiming and the grass (actually, it’s mostly weeds) is green.
I put up my Spring and Easter d├ęcor last week and thought I’d share a one of my projects with you: an Easter sign for my buffet. 
I bought this panel (a panel cut-out of a wood door) for $5 at SA Architectural Antiques.DSCN7376DSCN7378I painted the panel white and sanded the edges. Then, after it dried, I placed vinyl stickers on the front (I chose a bit of an Easter verse from Luke 24:6) and painted over the front with a rough coat of light green.  When I peeled the stickers off, the verse was revealed…easy.DSCN7384The sign was not quite right though…it needed somethingI actually left it in the garage for a week because I was uninspired.  DSCN7556Then, this week, I was playing with my new Silhouette Cameo and decided to add these little paper flowers.  Topped off with a jute bow and…viola…a shabby-chic Easter sign!DSCN7551DSCN7561
Happy Spring decorating!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awesome Finds!

After my disappointing shopping excursion yesterday, I was so excited when I stumbled upon the website for Old Is Better Than New.  I visited their online photo galleries (complete with measurements and prices!) and their Facebook page.  I made an appointment with the owner for today…..and was NOT disappointed!!
Not only did my mother find a great door for her guest room headboard project (for only $50), but I found a door (only $50 including cool keyhole hardware), an old Dr. Pepper crate (my favorite soda!), and a beautiful stained glass window!  DSCN7548
I have wanted a window like this for such a long time, but they are so pricey.  This one has a small piece of lead missing (no biggie to me) so it was on clearance and I got a discount for visiting their website and FB page....what a deal for $40!!

Now decision time:  Where and how to hang the window??  Do I put the crate on the kitchen wall (like a shelf) or leave it as-is on top of the cabinets??

I know what I want to do with the door……more to come on that project.

What a happy treasure huntin’ day!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Adventures

Today was a good day! I have been fighting a nasty cold, but I started feeling much better by lunch time today…and my box of tissues is no longer constantly at my side.

I drove my mother and my son to Gonzales, Texas to visit Discovery Architectural Antiques.  I was on the hunt for doors…for my pantry and also a cool one for some plans I have in the works for my entryway.  I have been waiting to go to this store for years.  I have to admit……I was disappointed.  :^(
The store has a lot of stuff, but not nearly what it sounds like on the website.  It is set-up more like an antiques store and less like a treasure-hunting-warehouse.  And, it is pricey!  My mother said it was quite a bit different from when she was there many years ago.  Oh well, I LOVE my local SA Architectural Antiques…so I guess I am just gonna have to go this week!  I also found another architectural salvage team in town that I have messaged about checking out their inventory…so exciting!

Anyway, after our sad shopping trip, we stopped at the Gonzales Historical Museum.  This was really interesting (esp. to a native Texan like me!).  The museum curator was there and we got a personal mini-tour and were able to take our pics with the “Come and Take It” cannon!
After that, we went to the Old Jail Museum….super cool but kinda creepy. IMG_0463[1]The sign said it was in use from 1887 – 1974.  They had a full-size gallows in there too.  It was very strange to think about how many prisoners had been held in those cells over the years.

With a yummy lunch (from Gonzales Food Market) in our tummies, we left town (with some interesting new historical facts to share) and headed toward IKEA in Round Rock, Texas!  My son hung-out with his cousins nearby while my mother and I spent a couple of hours shopping for craft room organization for her and odds-and-ends for me.  IKEA is one of those places where you can always come away with something!  After a great dinner (and IKEA cinnamon rolls for dessert) with the family, we headed home to San Antonio!  Not a bad 301 mile day.

Much to my surprise, my Silhoutte Cameo arrived (my birthday present) and was waiting on my front porch for me when I got home!!  I am so excited to try it out in the morning!

What a great way to end the day!
Hope you are having a wonderful Spring Break.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Gifts: Matching Bib, Burpcloth, and Shoes!

I made a couple of cute gift sets for another one of my coworkers who is pregnant with her first girl.  I wanted to do something totally “girly” but practical.  I decided on bibs and burpcloths because you can never have enough of those, right?
Unfortunately, the couple have not agreed upon a name for this little one, so I was unable to totally customize the gifts……but that just means I can make more stuff for her later!
I wanted to make simple bibs, but with a little “flair”, so I searched the internet and Pinterest (of course!) for ideas.  Since I love making rag quilts, I really liked this idea from Creations by Kara for Frayed Edge Bibs
baby bib-tutorial
Many of the bib tutorials that I found suggested tracing a bib you like as a pattern.  Hmmm…..well, since my son is 9 years old, we don’t have bibs around anymore.  So, I found and used this awesome (and easy) free pattern from Chickpea Sewing Studios!
For the first set, I cut the pattern from a Hobby Lobby fabric that was leftover from another project…I just love the gray and turquoise.  I embroidered a little something on the front and made a buttonhole closure.DSCN7420Then, I cut around the edges with pinking shears and frayed them.DSCN7424I then made a simple stripe on the button of the burpcloth in the same fabric and frayed the edges.DSCN7425
Using the same pattern, the pink bib has a velcro closure with a button sewn on to cover the stitches. I used an applique pattern of a cupcake and a piece of matching fabric to make the burpcloth.DSCN7441
I was enjoying the sewing so much and still had some time, so I decided to finally make some of those adorable baby shoes that I keep seeing online and have never made.  I used the free Kimono Shoes pattern from Homespun Threads.  It took me a few minutes to figure the pattern out, but once I got started--easy peasy!  If I had more time, I would have made more.
Aren’t they adorable?DSCN7439
So, here they are….the gift sets:DSCN7450

Happy Sewing!


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