Sunday, March 20, 2016

Flip-Flop Summer Wreath

****This has been one of my most popular posts, as well as Pinterest pins since I first posted in July, 2012. Since the past couple of weeks have shown a bunch of visits again, I figured it might be a good time for a little update for all of you. I've added some new notes to the bottom of the post. :) ****


Since the legs for my Vintage Suitcase Table are not dry yet, I had time to work on a quick project today….a new wreath for my front door. I have wanted to do this for a few years and just never got around to it. With the Patriotic D├ęcor down and there still being another month of Summer left, I figured now was the time for a Summer-themed wreath.
So, I started with this bag of assorted flip-flops (purchased at my local grocery chain). These were $2/pair, but you can probably find them for $1 this time of year.


I chose to use all the same size (these are ladies 5/6). Aren’t they fun?


Then, I laid them all out in a circle using an old lampshade piece as a support.


I didn’t like the way the metal looked, so I just hot-glued the flip-flops together without the ring.


The shoes are glued together on the sides and the bottom.


Unfortunately, without a support structure the flip-flops were a bit more “flop” than “flip! I was worried that they would not hold up to hanging in on the front door. Then, a stroke of genius!! Okay, maybe not genius, but it was something…a pool noodle.


After trimming a little off the end, I duct-taped the ends together to form a circle. Then hot-glued the noodle wreath-form to the shoes


A little curly, colored ribbon and viola….a fun, Summer Flip-Flop Wreath!


The idea came from a painted wood cut-out I saw several years ago in a catalog. I figured I could accomplish the same look but with real flip-flops…why not?? Now on to the rest of the porch….


What do you think? I would love some feedback and ideas.


****UPDATE March, 2016: I loved my flip-flop wreath the year I made it and it got lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. Lesson glue does not hold-up to the Texas sun that hits my front door directly!! Slowly, flip-flops starting "flopping" off the wreath and I'd find them on the welcome mat. :(

The fix: I secured the flip flops with florist wire by running the wire through the bottom of each shoe and then wrapping it around the wreath form. The wire could not be seen and the shoes stayed put! Just something to keep in mind, especially if your door gets direct sunlight.

The following year, I decided to change it up completely after seeing all of the cool square wreaths online:

Square Frame Flipflop Wreath
I found the metal number tags in the dollar bin at Michael's...aren't they cool?

Shortly after that, I painted our front door a pretty blue!

Everything looks better on my blue door!
FlipflopSquare frame wreath
Hope this update helps as you make your own
Flip-Flop Wreath variation!!


Happy Summer!

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