Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Door Turned Hall Tree

I’ve mentioned (more than once) that I love old door projects!  I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Old Doors.  Recently, I went looking for doors for two projects….a hall tree and my pantry re-do.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the perfect doors to fit my pantry, but I did find a perfect one for my hall tree idea!DSCN7548I found this great door at Old Is Better Than New (I first told you about them and my door in one of my Spring Break posts.)DSCN7583It is unpainted on the back, but the front is perfectly chippy..white with a little pale green-blue.  (The neighbors’ little girl asked if I was going to “fix” the paint.  When I said “no”, she responded: “Yeah, you like things that look old, huh?”…..I kinda do!)
I did sand it down a bit and cleaned it up a lot (it had been outside for a little time).  Then, I set to work on my plan……DSCN7584The plate was also included with my door purchase, so I was able to put it back on for a little vintage detail!


I found these great hooks at Hobby Lobby (and they happened to be 50% off that week!). 
The little bottle (looks like nail polish) is metal touch-up paint that came with a set of patio furniture. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve used this stuff!  This time I used it to paint the screws so they would blend in with the hooks.

I added “feet” using some leftover wood pieces and small L-brackets/corner brackets for balance.  I didn’t want it to topple forward when weight was added to the hooks.


The fleur de lis hook is in the center (like a door knocker) and the others on on the sides.

After looking at numerous door-turned-hall trees, I debated on and played with lots of ideas.  Did I want a table on it?  Did I want a bench? Did I want a shoe box?  It went on and on for days…I think that sometimes we can get overwhelmed by all the creative ideas out least I do.

I finally went back to my original idea…just a door with hooks.  Simple. Plain. That’s all I really wanted (I already have my DIY Two-Chair Bench in the entry).  DSCN7589Maybe it’s too simple for some folks, but I love it.  With the addition of a tall houseplant and a basket for shoes, we are good to go!DSCN7599

What projects have you done with an old door?  Tell us (or include a link) in the comments below.


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