Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Table

I told you I was working on it, but I’ve been a bit busy and had not had an opportunity to post that I had finished it!  My Vintage Suitcase Table is in the living room…and I LOVE IT!! It really is the perfect size for the spot and makes a great conversation piece. DSCN8679I wanted to maintain the integrity of the suitcase, so I did not paint it or change it in any way.  Using an old sponge, soft scrub brush, and a little elbow grease, I dusted it off and cleaned it up.  I also left it open for a day to “air it out” a bit…it had a musty smell.DSCN8680Since the leather is a dark color and some of my other furniture is dark, I went with a dark mahogany stain for the legs.  These I purchased at Home Depot for around $4/each.  (I was hoping to re-purpose some legs but could not find any I was happy with for the project.)  DSCN8536I have found that poking the screw portion through the top of a box makes an easy way to paint/stain them without having to touch them for turning.DSCN8542After staining them, I put on a coat of poly and let them dry for 48 hours (just to be sure).DSCN8676Home Depot carries these Heavy Duty Top Plates for $2.38/each.  This made it easy to install the legs.  Because the suitcase was hard-bodied, I did not add anything inside. I simply screwed the top plates into the case…and the legs into the top plates…easy.DSCN8678DSCN8683DSCN8687I think it is really cute.  I also have the big case (on display in the living room)…I wonder what I shall do with it??? And, I still have my Vintage Suitcase Ideas Pinterest board going for future inspiration.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the use of my new side table!DSCN8691
Enjoy your day!DSCN7111

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