Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rosette Necklace

Remember these rosettesBoring to Fun Rosette PinsI made them (as pins) this Spring and used them to add a little color to a simple sundress.  Because they were so simple to make and I got so many compliments, I made a bunch…then, they went into the abyss of my sewing box and were never thought of again.  Until now!

Fabric rosettes have been popping up all over Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs again.  This past weekend, I was inspired to create some jewelry and decided to use a few of the spare rosettes. (If you need a tutorial on making fabric rosettes, see my previous post for a link.)Fabric rosettes 1Using hot glue, I glued the rosettes to a piece of pink flannel.  The flannel was then cut to shape.  The hot glue should be enough to hold them together, but I felt better putting in a few stitches with a needle and thread.
fabric rosettes 2

fabric rosettes 3After assembling the rosette combo, I stitched jump hoops onto each side and attached a chain.  I wanted it to hang at an angle when worn, so I made one side of the chain shorter than the other.DIY Rosette NecklaceI know this is not a great picture, but it shows how the necklace hangs on my neck.  Wearing the Rosette NecklaceMy cousin loved it so much when I posted on Facebook, that we are going to make some more when the family comes to my house for Thanksgiving!  Bring on the family craft time!

Happy Crafting!

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