Sunday, October 12, 2014

Easy DIY Mini Display Case

SW Mini Display Case
My son has a love of all things Star Wars… does my boyfriend! He asked me a couple of months ago if he could “pass down” a few of his Star Wars collectibles to my son. Needless to say, my son was thrilled!

As we were going through the boxes of Star Wars items, I stumbled upon the coolest collection of tiny metal Star Wars characters!  My boyfriend told me that they were originally something he collected as a cereal box giveaway…how fun is that?  I knew these nine tiny characters needed a special display case and I had seen just the thing on Pinterest!  The original pin is for use with Lego MiniFigs, but it was also perfect for these little figures.

The tutorial is easy to follow and includes plenty of pictures.  All you need is a deep frame….think shadow box.  Michael’s Craft Store just so happened to have all of their shadow boxes for 50% off that week…yay!  I purchased the smallest one they had and used the weekly coupon for the black foam board.  I also picked-up a new craft knife….you want to be sure the one you use is very sharp in order to make smooth cuts on the foam board.  SW Display Case Supplies
I found cutting the foam board using my fabric cutting guide and mat to be the best way to ensure straight cuts and keep things neat.  The tutorial on Instructables is great, so there is no need to repeat it here.  Just follow this link:

I will admit that I had to do this twice.  The first time, I hurried through the cutting process for where the slats fit together.  That was a BIG mistake and it made for very crooked rows.  I re-did the foam board structure taking my time on ensuring straight cuts and measuring exactly…..much better!!  (You can kind of see in the photo below…it was taken with the crooked assembly in place.)SW Display 1
Once I had assembled the nice display structure inside my frame, I needed a way to keep the figures from falling over.  I looked around my craft room and saw a sheet of the little foam sticky circles from my scrapbooking supplies.  I cut one in half….it was perfect!

SW Display 2SW Display 3

Once they were all in place, I simply put the back on the frame again.SW Display 4
Aren’t they cute?  I just love these little ones!
SW Display 5
The little display case fits perfectly on the wall between the two new floating shelves we added.  (I really like the LACK floating shelves from IKEA. They come in several lengths and colors, are easy to install, and are inexpensive!) SW Display 6
Next trip to IKEA, I plan to pick-up one of the frames mentioned in the original tutorial and make a larger display case to hold all of the MicroMachines (lined up along the front of the shelf).  Easy to create and it looks so much neater. 

“May the force be with you”!

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