Friday, January 30, 2015

Party Popcorn for the Super Bowl (or any party)!

It’s almost game day!  Need a new snack idea for your Super Bowl XLIX party?
How about some flavored popcorn in the team colors?
Super Bowl Party Popcorn
I wanted to do something fun for my guy to take to his Super Bowl party this weekend.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and was finally settling on cupcakes…when inspiration struck!  I saw my own pin for the Camo Corn I made a couple of years ago for my son’s school class.  CamoCorn 1
I’ve made this recipe before in other colors (pink and purple for my niece’s birthday, blue and white for my son’s school colors), so I knew the possibilities were fairly endless.


A few ingredients and bags of microwave popcorn later and voila: Super Bowl Party Popcorn!


This time I used Jolly Rancher brand gelatin.  The Jolly Rancher brand made these batches quite sweet but my son thinks they are delicious!  And, I love the more vibrant colors.
The recipe I used is here.

Hope you enjoy your Party Popcorn!

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