Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Personalized Shower Wrap

It's that time of year....school is out and Summer is here, but not before GRADUATION! 
My cousin graduated from High School this past weekend and will head off to college in the Fall. 
I wanted to make her a personalized gift that she'd be able to use in the dorm.  After a little Pinterest search, I saw it.....a shower wrap!  Perfect for a community bath dorm.

After checking out several links and tutorials, I liked this one the best: http://ofdwellinganddress.blogspot.com/2013/04/diy-towel-wrap.html

I won't go through the steps because her tutorial is great, but I did take a few pictures along the way.

The towel I used was a regular bath towel from Walmart in a pretty teal color. 

It was easy to make the elastic casing and I love the extra security that having elastic in back gives.
Great Velcro closure:

Rather than use my embroidery machine (it only does 4x4 or smaller), I opted to just free-hand the monogram initial and appliqué it using a zig-zag stitch.  (Funny thing that the tutorial monogram is also a "K".)

For a final feminine touch, I stitched a bow at the top where the wrap closes. 

The finished product:

I think it turned out really cute and my cousin loved it! 

Cost breakdown:
Velcro....from my stash
Ribbon....$2.97/roll (only used a small piece)
Fabric....from my scrap stash

So, basically, about $10. The gift shop at the hospital where I work has one of these wraps for sale (not really any fancier than the one I made) for over $35!! Crazy, right?

I think I may be making one for myself soon. And, I will definitely be keeping this project in mind for future gifts...great as a swimsuit coverup too. 

Happy Summer!