Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pretty Valentine's Coffee Filter Wreath

It was a cold, wet day here yesterday and I found myself in need of a project. All the Christmas decorations were down and put away so I started planning my Valentine's decor. I remembered that I had wanted a small wreath to hang on one of my antique windows....viola! A quick, easy project with supplies in the house and I could do it while catching-up on a some DVR'd television shows!!

I've seen these coffee filter wreaths in various forms all over Pinterest, so it was just a matter of finding one that had the right look and didn't require a lot of extra steps. For example, this one from Lovely Crafty Home is gorgeous but I wasn't looking to spend that kind of time cutting and rolling coffee filter flowers last night.....maybe next one I do because it is lovely:
Lovely Crafty Home

Then, I found this beauty from Leanne at LuvLee Creations:

LuvLee Creations Coffee Filter Wreath

Since I was keeping it simple, I opted not to dye any of the coffee filters and just make a white wreath for Valentine's Day. The process is simple and it is easy to follow on her YouTube tutorial.

Basically, I set myself up on the couch (lazy, right?!?) with my TV remote, a tray, coffee filters, wreath form, and a glue gun. Seriously, it's fold...glue..fluff!

Speaking of wreath forms, I couldn't find one in my stash that was the right size, so I improvised. I saw this silly Statue of Liberty foam hat/headband laying in my craft room (from the USA vs Mexico Soccer Match we attended last Spring) was the perfect size for the wreath!

I cut the extra off and added a piece of jute for a tie. Then, I sat down, pushed play on the DVR, and started folding coffee filters.
I wound-up using 70 filters for this one. If you want it tighter, use more....I definitely will next time. Here it is in progress:
As you can see, I'm stress-free!

Once I added all the coffee filters, I fluffed all the filters and played with it until it was just right. Then, I turned the wreath over and added a little support with a paper plate edge. The foam wasn't strong enough to lay flat with the weight of the filters on it.
It turned out well and was perfect for my buffet display! It was especially great since it was simple, free, and so easy!
I was so excited with how it turned out that I ran into the craft room to give my little wreath some extra oomph! Using black craft paper and some red twine, I made a little pendant banner and wrote L-O-V-E on it with white chalk.
With the addition of a couple of glittery hearts.....done!
Cute, easy, and fun!
2016 Valentine's Decor
Hope you enjoy making one!


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