Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DIY Chalkboard "Established" Sign & Memo Board

Don't you just love chalkboards?  If you've been to my house (or read some of my previous posts, like this one), you know that I subscribe to the theory that you can never have enough chalkboards!  I use my chalkboard pantry doors for all kinds of things!!  Right now, they have our calendar on one side and a birthday message on the other!

Anyway....I was looking to make a housewarming gift for my newly married cousin.  She is a fan of the "farmhouse" style and I immediately came up with the idea of making them some version of an "established" sign.  After perusing Pinterest for awhile, I just wasn't quite inspired.  One afternoon after school, my son and I ran into the Habitat Store hoping for something to catch my eye.  And, there it was....the pile of cabinet doors!

I picked up this beauty for $1.00!  It appears to be unused...like maybe it was a sample for finishes because it doesn't have holes where hinges were located.  Score!!

After cleaning it up, I knew exactly what it was perfect for.....a chalkboard!!  I still wanted to do the "established" idea so I combined the two.  It became a CHALKBOARD ESTABLISHED SIGN and MEMO BOARD.

Start by taping of the edges and then follow the directions on your chalkboard paint.  Mine suggested two coats, one in one direction and one in the opposite. It also required 24 hours of curing time before prepping with chalk. You could leave it just like this...it makes a simple but pretty chalkboard!

My original plan for the "established sign" was to paint both the large initial and the last name in the center, but after accidentally scratching the surface after the first coat (easily touched-up btw)....I loved the idea of the wood grain showing through!  The easiest way to do this would be to use a vinyl letter, paint over it, and then remove it.  But, I already had painted my door, so I gently scraped the paint off in the shape of my letter.  I added a third coat of chalkboard paint by carefully painting around the letter. After curing for 24 hours, I prepped with chalk.

Then, using chalk to outline my lettering, I filled in the last name with a paint pen.

On the back, I taped a baggie with a piece of chalk and a cloth inside.  I also made a note reminding them NOT to use anything sharp on the painted surface.  Additionally, I used my wood burning tool to put my signature mark on the back and a note of congratulations to the couple.

Two hangers and it was done!

To gift it, I simply tied a pretty ribbon around it and added a few examples of notes they might write on it.

It was an easy and fun project!  Hope you enjoy making your own!

Happy Summer!

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