Friday, December 30, 2011

Owl Rag Quilt and Pillow

You can see the layout of the squares here...
each is 6" x 6".
This month, I made a fun (and not so complicated) rag quilt for my friend Jan and her soon-to-arrive baby girl, Brynn.  I love making rag quilts...first of all, because I think they are super cute and secondly, because they are super easy!!  Even a beginner sewer can do a rag quilt and have it turn-out beautifully! 
Hmmm, there's a thought......maybe I'll do a little rag quilt tutorial on here soon...... 

 Anyway, I made the quilt on the smallish side (like a lap quilt) and included a cute decorative pillow to go along with it.  The color-scheme for this quilt was based on Jan's nursery colors. Since I have a boy myself, I enjoy making "girly" stuff from time to time....although I have to admit that I sometimes find so much pink overwhelming

Each of the four corners of the quilt has a different owl appliqued on it (Jan loves owls!) and the center square has an owl-themed alphabet letter and the baby's name on it. 

All of the appliques are from Planet Applique (love their stuff!).  I have been addicted to their site since I bought my embroidery machine last year.

The pillow idea came from a few postings I saw on Pinterest.  I went through several and finally decided that I liked the face on this pattern the best....and it was super easy to put together!  Oh, and the pattern was FREE!  Gotta love those free patterns.  Check out this site for the tutorial that I used for the pillow:

The completed gift...a rag quilt, pillow, and a book
(Controversial book, I know, but it worked with my son and
I totally disagree with all the hype...On Becoming Baby Wise)