Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Random Projects & More Washer Jewelry

If your month of May is anything like mine, it is BUSY! I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere lately (sorry)…I just haven’t had the time to do anything crafty lately. Well, not exactly nothing, just not anything big or truly blog-worthy.
Here’s a few things I did do:DSCN7894I made those awesome Cheesecake-stuffed Strawberries from The Sweets Life that were all over Pinterest
DSCN7897I made a batch for Teacher Appreciation Week with a “berry special” tag.  They were a hit!  BTW, my son also thinks these are awesome!!
I made some more washer jewelry too! 
One for the neighbor girl who helped us with some yard work:
And, I was able to get a smaller font (lowercase) set from Hobby Lobby…I’m super excited that they are now carrying this stuff!!  So, I used it to make a Mothers’ Day necklace for my aunt.  Each washer is imprinted with the initial of one of her children:DSCN7923DSCN7925Then, I made a piece for each of her daughters….an initial necklace (not pictured) for one and a ribbon/washer bracelet for the other.  I made the bracelet using some pretty ribbon I found in the $1 bin at Michael’s.  DSCN7926DSCN7930To wear it, you simply tie it in a bow.DSCN7932DSCN7935Then, I made one for myself using the same technique.  It started as a necklace, but I ended-up changing it to a bracelet after making the above one for my cousin. 
These are photos of the necklace:DSCN7883I used this cool jute ribbon.  Isn’t that fun? And, it looks so good with the copper.DSCN7882DSCN7917DSCN7893Now that school’s out, I’m hoping that life slows down a bit and I’ll get my craft on again!
See ya soon!DSCN7111