Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Craft Show Ideas

I am so excited!  I applied for my first craft show booth this past week.  It is for a popular Christmas show in a small town near home.  My mother is going to share the booth with me and my son wants to make a few things too!  I have very fond memories of my parents and their friends doing this same show when I was in elementary school.  It was so much fun to play in the park, eat the great food, and help with the customers.

Now, the work starts!  I registered my business name and received my Texas State Sales Tax license! Woohoo…I’m official!  I have also been working on my business cards.  I think this will be on the front (to match my blog header):CI Business cards 3Next, we have to get the inventory going.  I am still deciding what I really want to offer at the show…I keep coming up with ideas! It is so hard to narrow it down and just focus on a few things.  Anyone else have that problem when it comes to crafting/creating?

My parents and I brainstormed a little this past weekend about how we are going to display everything…rain or shine.  We came up with a few ideas, but I decided to do some more “research”…on Pinterest, of course!  I now have a board entitled “Craft Show Ideas”.  It is the start of a small collection of booth displays, cute set-ups, and show advice.
Have you ever done a craft show?  Do you have some great advice or tips to share?
Please share your ideas with us in the comments section! 

Happy Fall!

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