Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our First Craft Show

CraftShow1Yesterday, I participated in my first craft show!  My Mother and I split a booth in The Old Fashioned Christmas Show in Castroville, Texas.   My 10 year-old son even made two items to sell…and what a salesman he turned out to be!  These are the “Rolo Snowmen” and Magnetic Ductape Bookmarks that he made:craftshow2craft3Cute, right?

Santa giving my son a hug before pictures.
The food was great…of course, doesn’t fair food always taste good?  Santa Claus came by fire truck to visit with all of the children, our “neighbors” were friendly, and there were performances by local choirs, dance groups, and cheer teams.  It was fun!

We did okay for our first time out, got lots of positive comments, and I would definitely do it again.  However, I must tell you…it is A LOT of work getting ready for a show.  And, I’m not sure anyone ever feels completely ready…I know I didn’t.  Do any of you experienced craft show participants feel this way?

Here are some more photos of our booth and my items from yesterday:
Craft Show Collage
A Tableleg Dragonfly
Notice my Spindle Angel...I'll do a post on these soon.

Booth1Now that the show is over, I am finally going to open my Etsy shop.  Look for me (and some of these items) soon at

Have a great week!


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