Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spindle Angels

I haven’t blogged in so very long…and I’ve missed it!  Life has just been busy and I’ve hardly had time to craft, much less to sit and write about crafting.  Boo!  I am really going to make an effort to get back to it though, so here goes…

I promised to write a little something about my Upcycled Spindle Angels that I made for the Christmas craft show.Spindle Angels1These were based on an idea that popped into my head after making a DIY Dragonfly using a table leg and fan blades.  DSCN0142My son was talking about all of the other things we could make with the table legs and I immediately thought…an angel!  I headed down to my favorite place for treasure hunting, SA Architectural Antiques, and was pleasantly surprised to find a huge selection of wooden spindles ON SALE for $1.00/each!!  How can you pass that up?SpindleAngels
SpindleAngelThe spindles were whitewashed and sanded because I wanted them to look rustic.  SpindleAngelsThe wings were the challenge.  I walked around Home Depot and searched online for ideas, but could not find what I wanted.  Finally, I went to my tried-and-true chicken wire!  This worked and was in keeping with the rustic style I had envisioned. 
SpindleAngelsHowever, I made another trip downtown to pick-up more spindles and as I was walking toward the register…I saw it:  Antique Tin Ceiling Trim!!  So cool!  I can’t decide which I like better.SpindleAngelSpindleAngels
DSCN9588These were fun to put together and rather quick (once I figured out what I was doing).  For the chicken wire wings, I cutout a large heart shape using wire snips and then folded/rolled-in the sharp ends.  SpindleAngelsFor the trim work wings, I again used my tin snips to cut the shape I wanted.  DSCN9579For both the chicken wire and the tin, I found that short wood screws worked best for securing them to the spindles, although heavy duty staples worked (I found them harder to work with by myself.).SpindleAngelsThe fun thing, is that these can stand on a mantel or be hung on the wall.  I just love them and had one in my entry nook for Christmas and have one on top of my entertainment center now year-round.SpindleAngelsSpindleAngels

If I ever get around to actually opening my Etsy Shop, these will definitely be in there.SpindleAngels
Have a great week!

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