Sunday, February 17, 2013

Candy Coke Floats

Although Valentine’s Day is over, these Candy Coke Floats would make a fun gift for just about any occasion!CandyCokeFloatsAfter searching on Pinterest for a new idea to give to my son’s teachers this Valentine’s Day, I came upon some cute candy parfaits (parfait glasses filled with M&Ms and topped with wrapped taffy candies).  There were several versions on multiple websites and all very cute. 
So, my son and I set out to find the supplies and candy……which was a near bust!  We could not find the parfait glasses.  Just as we were getting discouraged, we turned the corner and saw Coca-Cola glasses.  There were two sizes and only $1.00 each!  We purchased 5 large glasses for my son’s teachers and one small glass for my grandmother. 

And, since we were now making “Coke Floats”, we decided on chocolate-covered malt balls as a filling (one box of Whoppers fills a large glass).  CandyCokeFloats2For the “foam”, we placed ten vanilla saltwater taffy pieces in the top of the glass.  For the “cherry on top”, we used a red-wrapped chocolate heart and a red Pixie Stix as a “straw”.CandyCokeFloats3CandyCokeFloats4Each glass was wrapped in clear cellophane and then tied with a red ribbon.  Super cute, right?  CandyCokeFloats5
CandyCokeFloats6Enjoy your floats!DSCN7111

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