Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Ruffled Petticoat Skirt

One day while surfing Pinterest, I saw the picture below and pinned it to my Sewing Projects Board with the thought: “I love that and I could make skirt #3!…someday…sometime…maybe…when I get some free time…probably never”.skirt-week-1
Do you do that too?

One recent Sunday when I was once again playing on Pinterest, this same Pin popped-up.  I started looking at it and decided I would just do it!  I wanted something new to wear the next week anyway.
The pin above is from the blog, Seven Thirty Three, where she is featuring the links to the tutorials for all four skirts in the photo.  I followed the link for Skirt #3 to Alisa Burke’s Petticoat TutorialIsn’t it cute?  I love the vintage look and muted colors…and I wanted a skirt to wear with my knee-high brown boots too!  Alisa’s tutorial is great, but she assumes that the reader knows how to do some basic sewing (like making an elastic waistband) and she uses an old skirt as a pattern.  I did not have an old skirt to use, so I did a quick Google search and found a fantastic A-line Skirt Tutorial (with lots of pics!) on Flickr.  (Photos make me smile in a tutorial!!)  Using Princess Nimble Thimble’s tutorial, I very quickly made a simple skirt out of some leftover muslin and elastic in my craft room.My DIY Petticoat Skirt-Layers
The original skirt has frayed edges.  I actually love this look, but thought it might be too casual for work and wondered how it would wash.  So, I made my muslin ruffle without a frayed edge.  Rather than hemming the ruffle, I simply cut the strip at double the width, folded it in half, and pressed it well. My DIY Petticoat Skirt-Muslin Layer
The other muslin layer is a thicker, darker muslin that I did allow to fray.My DIY Petticoat Skirt-Frayed Layer
After digging through all of my scrap fabric, I did not have enough to finish the skirt, so I had to put it aside for a few days…then, inspiration hit…I decided not to make more ruffles on my own.  I cheated!  I purchased ruffled lace…4” white and 5” ivory.  They were both inexpensive and on-sale at Hobby Lobby that week…yay!  My DIY Petticoat Skirt
I love the way my version turned out and it was so fun to wear.  I paired it with an ivory tank top, tan cardigan, ivory tights, pearls, and my brown boots.  Several people (even strangers) commented on the skirt & outfit…a Pinterest success, I think! Two people used the word “sassy” to describe it…..not a word that is used to describe me or my clothes ever, but I’ll take it! 

Lesson learned:  Skirts are easy!  I definitely want to make more in the future….maybe a few more that I’ve pinned and never attempted.

How about you?  What have you made lately?
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