Saturday, April 20, 2013

An Inspirational Sponge???

Okay…I know that this isn’t exactly crafty, but it is creative (if I do say so myself!).  And, while I fully acknowledge the absolute corny-ness of this……I still liked it and it served its purpose.  See what you think……
So, as a Nurse Educator, I am responsible for teaching the lecture portion of a 16 week Internship for new NICU nurses.  On our first day, we gave a presentation reviewing the basics…parking, uniforms, attendance, etc.  We also talked a lot about expectations and how the new hires could get the most out of this Internship.  Another Educator made the comment that the new nurses should be like sponges and soak everything up.  Sponges! 
I wanted to leave them with a little something to inspire them and the sponge comment kept coming to mind, so my son helped me to make a list of all the uses for a regular household sponge.  Then, I started writing thoughts to go with the list.  The inspirational sponge was born!Inspirational SpongeThe dollar store sells bags of miscellaneous sponges for $1.00 to $2.00 and each sponge was easily cut into thirds with scissors.  The quotation was typed and printed onto cardstock and simply tied to the sponge with a ribbon. 
Some of the Interns may have rolled their eyes, but most thought it was a cute idea.  I even saw a couple of them still carrying it in their notebooks on the last day of classes!  The concept applies to nearly any setting, so maybe some of you might find it useful!
Here is what I wrote:
A sponge absorbs
so much more than it appears to be able to hold.
A sponge is always thirsty
even when it seems full, it soaks up a little more.
A sponge is reusable
it is never done on the first try.
A sponge is multipurpose
it can handle jobs for which it wasn’t even originally intended.
A sponge lasts
it doesn’t fall apart (even when over-used).
And finally, it is not until you squeeze a sponge 
that you find out just how much was really inside!

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