Monday, May 20, 2013

A Firm Foundation

Several years ago, I heard about the idea of writing Scripture on the framework of a newly constructed home from a friend.  She and her husband collected numerous verses and blessings from friends and family and then went and wrote them all on the framework.
What a cool idea, right?

Well, I did not build this house, so the opportunity never arose to do anything like this....until today!

We are having new flooring put in this week (Yay! I am so excited to get rid of the carpet and can hardly wait for my pretty new laminate (wood-look) to go in.)
My son and I came home tonight to bare concrete floors...and lots of echoes.  :^)  I noticed there were things written in instructions and directions for the builders....and I was inspired.  Why not write on the foundation???  Of course, my son jumped on the idea of "making his mark" for posterity.

So, he wrote John 3:16 (his choice) outside his bedroom door.
 I wrote a verse from Matthew in the living area:

And, one from Exodus in the kitchen:
A foundation on God's Word...literally.

Have a great week!

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