Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Lump in the Road

Life has taken a bit of a detour for me of late....a bump...or lump in this the road.

A month ago today, a "highly concerning" lump was found in my left breast. After biopsy, it was found to be Stage 0 DCIS.....the best of the worst diagnosis. After much prayer and consultation, I'm scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction in 2 weeks.  Obviously, my crafting and DIY posts and projects will be a bit limited for awhile.

However, I'm still around....and I'll have plenty of time stuck at home in bed to plan some new projects!!

If you or anyone you know might find it helpful to read about my breast cancer journey, tips and hints along the way, etc., please come see me at It's a Bosom Thing @