Monday, February 13, 2017

DIY Hand Towel Bib

If you have or have had little ones, you know how important bibs are, right?  My favorite one when my T was little was a terrycloth one made to slip over his head.  Other folks apparently love these too because there are tons of tutorials online to show you how to make them.

I won't go into major details today (like measurements) because if you need that, it's a quick Pinterest search away (see the link below for a great tutorial from Vanilla Joy).  But, I will show you how I made one of these awesome bibs...the really easy way!

I started off with a regular hand towel purchased at my local Walmart.  I found this pretty hot pink color...perfect for the little princess I was making it for!

I wanted this bib to last a long time for her so I chose NOT to cut the towel down in size.  And, instead of folding directly in half, I folded about 2/3 or 3/4??  See pic below:

I used the CD trick that was suggested in Vanilla Joy's tutorial for dishtowel was perfect for the neckline!

Since I didn't have any ribbed knitting for the neck, I first started out using a neck from an old t-shirt.  But, it just didn't look right...seemed too thin.  Then, inspiration hit!  In my stash was an extra baby headband that was purchased to make baby tu-tus last year.  

I pinned the heck out of it (not a big fan of sewing in circles).....and it was perfect!  After attaching the band, be sure to topstitch on the outside (making sure the inside seam is down).

New neckline done!  Super easy and it's so stretchy and feminine.

Since this is for my primary NICU patient, I wanted to do something cute and fun for her family to remember us. (Applique and embroidery done with my Brother SE-400.)

My "baby" at home is 14 years old now, so I had to use a stuffed kangaroo as a model.... :)

This was a fun and easy project that you can customize and personalize as much or as little as you want.  Wouldn't these make super cute and useful gifts?

If you make some, post your pics in the comments.

Have a great week!