Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freezer Meals & Quesadilla Recipe

With all the projects I was working on, I found that we ate out a lot last month….too much. I love to cook, but I was either in the middle of a project or too dirty/tired to make dinner. My crockpot has always been a good fix for those kind of days, and what could be better than having meals just waiting in my freezer ready to toss in the pot??  So, I tried something new in the kitchen....Pinterest-inspired, of course. 
I’m sure many of you have seen those pins for “cook one day, eat for a month” or “freezer to crockpot" meals”, or “once a month cooking”, etc.  I pinned one a long time ago thinking it might be a good idea to try, but I never got around to it until now.  I searched a few websites, picked some recipes that sounded good, made a grocery store run, and went to work in the kitchen for several hours.  It did not take that long once I got organized (and I think it’ll be even faster next time) and I ended-up with 10 meals in the freezer!
I made Salsa Verde Beef, Cranberry Chicken, Ginger Cranberry Pork Roast, and Lemon Dijon Chicken & Potatoes.  Each recipe made 2 freezer meals; except the Pork Roast...it made 4 meals.  Several recipes and most of the instructions/ideas for how to go about the freezer meal thing are from the blog, Mama & Baby Love.  So far, we have had the Lemon Dijon Chicken (pretty good) and the Salsa Verde Beef (delicious!).  Tonight, we are trying the pork roast.

By far our favorite was the Salsa Verde Beef, so I thought I'd share what we did with it.  It is “awesome” (as my 9-year old described it).  You can use it for tacos or eat it by itself….it is super flavorful and tender.  We made quesadillas for dinner and then I made tacos for lunch over the next several days.  Each recipe made enough for one meal plus leftovers….depending on how many people you are feeding, of course.

I was a bad blogger and did not take pictures while I was prepping the meals; but Mama & Baby Love has great pics on her site.  I did however take pictures of my quesadillas (not great ones, but we were hungrySmile).DSCN7703
Lavash Quesadillas
Salsa Verde Beef
1/3 cup Reduced-fat Mexican Cheese Blend
Olive Oil Spray
Salsa (your choice)
Lavash Bread (or tortillas**)

Spray skillet or grill pan with olive oil.  Place 1/4 sheet of Lavash Bread on skillet and top with meat and cheese.  (You can add peppers, onion, pico de gallo, etc. if desired.)  Top with another 1/4 sheet of Lavash Bread and press down.  Cook for a few minutes and then flip to brown the other side.  Once the bread is browned and the cheese melted, remove from heat, slice, and serve. 
(**I calculated the WW Points Plus to be ~8 pts using Lavash; tortillas would increase the points.)

Hope you enjoy!

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