Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick Easter Crafts

I’ve been busy lately….little things and daily life kinds of things and house work things and yard work things…you know what I mean?  I haven’t started any new, big crafty projects because I really needed to get the other stuff done.  Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of fun?  Anyway,…
My little niece came to play one day this past weekend, so I decided to do some Easter crafts with the kids (my son is 9 and my niece is 5).  We dyed eggs and made candy Easter baskets.  I saw these on Pinterest (and several bloggers have featured them too)….aren’t they fun?IMG_0478[1]We made the first two this weekend and I put this bigger one together today (to take to work this week).  I opted to make “boxes” versus handled baskets, but I still think they are cute.DSCN7712
The idea came from these two sites:
I also put a few of these together…Bunny Lollipops.  These are for T’s teachers.DSCN7710The original idea was cuter (see below), but I tried to use stuff I had on hand (and save another trip to Hobby Lobby).  Since I did not have smaller poms, I used puffy paint for the faces and I left the arms off.  The suckers were found at Walmart for $0.50/each.
Source:  Bunny Suckersbunny suckers 002 blog
Hope you have a wonderful week!