Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Adventures

Today was a good day! I have been fighting a nasty cold, but I started feeling much better by lunch time today…and my box of tissues is no longer constantly at my side.

I drove my mother and my son to Gonzales, Texas to visit Discovery Architectural Antiques.  I was on the hunt for doors…for my pantry and also a cool one for some plans I have in the works for my entryway.  I have been waiting to go to this store for years.  I have to admit……I was disappointed.  :^(
The store has a lot of stuff, but not nearly what it sounds like on the website.  It is set-up more like an antiques store and less like a treasure-hunting-warehouse.  And, it is pricey!  My mother said it was quite a bit different from when she was there many years ago.  Oh well, I LOVE my local SA Architectural Antiques…so I guess I am just gonna have to go this week!  I also found another architectural salvage team in town that I have messaged about checking out their inventory…so exciting!

Anyway, after our sad shopping trip, we stopped at the Gonzales Historical Museum.  This was really interesting (esp. to a native Texan like me!).  The museum curator was there and we got a personal mini-tour and were able to take our pics with the “Come and Take It” cannon!
After that, we went to the Old Jail Museum….super cool but kinda creepy. IMG_0463[1]The sign said it was in use from 1887 – 1974.  They had a full-size gallows in there too.  It was very strange to think about how many prisoners had been held in those cells over the years.

With a yummy lunch (from Gonzales Food Market) in our tummies, we left town (with some interesting new historical facts to share) and headed toward IKEA in Round Rock, Texas!  My son hung-out with his cousins nearby while my mother and I spent a couple of hours shopping for craft room organization for her and odds-and-ends for me.  IKEA is one of those places where you can always come away with something!  After a great dinner (and IKEA cinnamon rolls for dessert) with the family, we headed home to San Antonio!  Not a bad 301 mile day.

Much to my surprise, my Silhoutte Cameo arrived (my birthday present) and was waiting on my front porch for me when I got home!!  I am so excited to try it out in the morning!

What a great way to end the day!
Hope you are having a wonderful Spring Break.