Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Sign

I have been so ready for Spring…and it looks like it is here!  The wildflowers and the trees are blooming like crazy this year and everything looks so happy.  The wind chimes are chiming and the grass (actually, it’s mostly weeds) is green.
I put up my Spring and Easter décor last week and thought I’d share a one of my projects with you: an Easter sign for my buffet. 
I bought this panel (a panel cut-out of a wood door) for $5 at SA Architectural Antiques.DSCN7376DSCN7378I painted the panel white and sanded the edges. Then, after it dried, I placed vinyl stickers on the front (I chose a bit of an Easter verse from Luke 24:6) and painted over the front with a rough coat of light green.  When I peeled the stickers off, the verse was revealed…easy.DSCN7384The sign was not quite right though…it needed somethingI actually left it in the garage for a week because I was uninspired.  DSCN7556Then, this week, I was playing with my new Silhouette Cameo and decided to add these little paper flowers.  Topped off with a jute bow and…viola…a shabby-chic Easter sign!DSCN7551DSCN7561
Happy Spring decorating!

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