Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Buffet Project: Part 2...the Reveal!

Woohoo! The dresser-turned-buffet is complete and in the room!

I absolutely love it! 

I took advantage of my brother's visit this afternoon and snagged him to help me carry the beast inside.  I liked it immediately...then I fell in love as I started playing with accesories (which I am still doing) and putting things inside.  I am so excited to finally have a buffet in the room!

Some of you may remember the BEFORE pics from a previous post...but here it is, the BEFORE and AFTER reveal:

We went from this:                                                                                       

To this:
                                                                                And, this:                                                                                   

To this:

And, finally, THIS:

To the Finished Buffet:

I'll post tomorrow on how I actually did the piece.  I took pics along the way and some close-ups of the finish, details, et cetera to share with you.