Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sneak Peak Saturday

Today was a lovely day in Texas!  It was 65-70 degrees and sunny with blue skies...loved it!  We mowed the yard (or weeds, actually) then spread some "Weed & Feed" (which hopefully, will work).  Then, it was on to projects!  I thought I'd share some sneak peaks....but just a peak:
Sneak Peak:  My Dad helped me cut the center out of the soon-to-be-buffet door last weekend!

I put the final coat of poly on my Big Buffet Project today and worked on the hardware.  One drawer pull was broken and new ones in the correct size proved difficult to find.  In the interest of saving time and money, I decided to spray paint some of the old hardware.  I think they actually turned out neat.  Tomorrow, I am going to look for some replacement knobs for the top two drawers and the cabinet door. My mother found some pretty glass-look ones at Michael's for only $2/each that I want to go get.
The re-finished drawer pull is not quite as shiny as it appears to be in this pic...the garage lighting does not do it justice.

While the poly coat was drying, I started really tearing apart my second "rescued" chair.  The old trim and fabric came off rather easily and the foam was in good condition.  There were a ton of staples though.....I mean A LOT!  I've decided to put the chair in my craft room (I've been needing a second chair in there.), so we ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up some great fabric (to match the curtains I made for the room). 

These staples are nothing compared to the amount that were in the back of the chair!

All stripped down and ready to go.....
I can hardly wait to paint it and cover it!  This will be my first "upholstery" project.

Enjoy your Sunday!