Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Decorations

I took down all of the Christmas decorations yesterday and cleaned up all the glitter and faux snow, et cetera.....only to find that my house looks like it has been robbed!!  It is so sadly naked after the holidays, isn't it?  Then, I realized that I didn't know what to put back in place?!?  I moved into the house in the Spring and pretty much decorated for Easter, then Summer decorations, Fall decorations, then Christmas decorations,.....I needed WINTER decorations!

So, I told my son to put his shoes on and we made a Hobby Lobby  and Walmart run.  Well, Hobby Lobby was a great trip because all of their Christmas was 80% off...yes, 80% off!  I picked up a beautiful wreath, some more garland for next year, and a few other items on sale.  I found this awesome piece for 50% off and couldn't pass it up....I just loved it!

My "had to have it" 50% off sign for my entryway.
Then, I dug out some of the stuff that I just put away yesterday (i.e. pine cones, snow, branches).  I put together a little something wintry for the dining table centerpiece and then started on my "nook". 

I have a "nook" in my is the first thing that you see when you walk in the house.  As soon as I saw this house, I knew that this "nook" would be my seasonal spot!  Here are the ones I've done so far (sans my summer/spring one...can't find a pic):  
Our first holiday in the house:  our Easter "nook"

The Fall "nook"
The Christmas "nook"

I started off this afternoon by making paper snowflakes....white and glittery blue in a couple of sizes. 


Then, I made a "Welcome" sign with a canvas I purchased (40% off) at Hobby Lobby today.  After seeing several projects using canvas and puff paint on Pinterest this past Fall, I already had white puff paint in my craft room and had not used it!  I painted the edges of the canvas with blue acrylic paint and a sponge brush and wrote my message free-hand in puff paint.  The snowflakes were free-hand in puff paint as well.

I think the sign turned out pretty cute for a quickie project!

After it dried, I hung it in the "nook" along with a cute little icicle garland (another 80% off HL find).  I strung my paper snowflakes on invisible thread from my sewing box and hung them from the "nook" ceiling.  I added faux snow, some pine cones, greenery, branches in some of my glass jars and vases, and viola....a whimsical winter "nook" in an afternoon!

Happy Winter!
The Winter "nook"