Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Salt and Sugar Scrubs

I know y'all are as addicted to Pinterest as I am, so I also know you've seen the great DIY hand and body scrubs on there.  Just before Christmas, I decided to make one.  It was a lemon SUGAR hand scrub that I gave as a gift to my boss.  I also kept a little for myself that I put in a glass dish next to my sink.  It really does work nicely to remove crafting grime and yardwork dirt!  However, the olive oil makes it a little greasy.  It looks pretty (bright yellow), but next time I will cut back on the oil a bit when using this recipe from Stephanie at Under the Table & Dreaming.

Shortly after I made that one, I received a lemon SALT scrub from a friend as a Christmas gift.  I'm not sure what website she used, but it is wonderful.  Not at all greasy!  The salt seems to absorb the oil better than the sugar or something???  Anyway, I decided to make a couple for my grandmother's birthday this week.  I found the same thing....the salt scrub is drier and the sugar scrub is "wetter".  They both are great and work, but you might want to experiment a little with each type and the amount of oil.  I really like the salt best! 

I made the Citrus Salt Scrub from adelynSTONE (this is almost identical to the one I received as a gift) and the Brown Sugar Body Scrub from The Idea Room (using a little less oil that called for).  I used a Mason jar for the salt scrub and an old pesto jar for the body scrub.  I then made simple labels for each one .  The citrus label was my own...created in Word with a 3" circle and clipart.  The brown sugar label was a cute find at  A little scrap fabric, ribbon, and plastic spoon...good to go.

I think they make a cute DIY gift and they both smell wonderful too!