Monday, January 16, 2012

Dresser Detective: The Big Buffet Project In Progress

I am in the middle of my "Big Buffet Project" and am loving it so looks better each day I work on it!  As I was cleaning it up (it was quite dirty inside and apparently home to a mouse at one point!), I was happy to find the manufacturer's stamp on it: Thomasville.  The only date I could find on the piece was the copyright "1968".  I don't know if copyright dates coincide with build dates at doesn't really matter, just interesting.

As I was working on the cleanup, I got to thinking about it's story.  It was obviously well-used, but not totally abused.   The top had a lot of watermarks from glasses or bottles and what looked like a big spill. 

If I were a detective, what would these clues mean to me?  I found some interesting items inside:  a top to a lingerie set, a green fluffy sock, a little girl's "Hello Kitty" jewelry, 5 pennies, a battery, a "Happy Meal" toy, and the weirdest item....a glass vial containing a bowel suture!

I remember finding a toy and a dead mouse behind the wall at my parents house during a wall re-build, and HGTV has an entire television show dedicated to "If Walls Could Talk", what is the weirdest thing you have found during a project?  Please, share it in the comments section (Keep it family friendly, please!).