Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Knew? Recessed Converts to Pendant!!

I was so excited when I read Jen's post on her Tater Tots & Jello blog this morning.....all about her new DIY pendant lamps.  I know nothing about lighting and projects with electricity scare me a bit, so I was pleased to see that this solution required no electrician and no wiring!!

She, of course, made beautiful lampshades and added aluminum downrods (which I may do later).  But, I was just thrilled to find out that there are kits that allow you to convert a recessed light to a pendant!!  Who knew??  I was practically grabbing my car keys as I read her blog.

I did climb up on my kitchen cabinet and take a look at my lights before I left though.  ;^)  Turns out, I had what are called "eyeball" lights...which means that mine stick-out from the can.  I took one down and was concerned when I saw that the socket part was in the "eyeball" and did not appear to be able to be removed. 

Undaunted, I went to Lowe's anyway and found the kits.  Then, I found the very helpful and friendly Lighting Dept. manager.  He was able to show me a light just like mine and showed me how it actually contains a socket up inside the my kit would work!  Yippee!

See where the wires are going? 
If you look closely, you can see the socket they are screwed into!

Cord wrapped around fixture.
Each kit is only $20!!  They have quite a few shades to choose from too.  I went with the Alabaster Glass ($6.98 each) to match the light above my kitchen table. 

The instructions tell you to make sure that the extra cord is out-of-the-way...I found that wrapping it loosely around the fixture really helped.

Tighten the cover plate to the ceiling....and you are done.  No more "can" lights!
Including the time it took to gather my tools, open the boxes, and take pictures, the two lights were up in 31 minutes! Not bad for an unplanned project, huh?

I love how they turned out and I think they added a little more elegance to my counter/pass-thru area!

Thanks Tater Tots & Jello for the inspiration!
My new lighting!