Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Menu Tray

I knew that I wanted a menu board of some kind on my buffet....and I knew that I wanted to make it versus buy it.  I've seen a few things here and there, but nothing that was quite right.  Then, I had an idea while shopping at Hobby Lobby last week.....a simple wooden tray!  I was so excited about 9 year old didn't think it was all that exciting, but he nods and smiles for me (like any good man should do, right?). 

I decided to find a thrift store/junk pile tray and re-purpose it.  I found an old chinese art-themed one at the Goodwill Store for $1.99....can hardly beat that! 

I sanded it down a little (to try to remove the shine) and painted it with some leftover paint in a pale blue.

Then, I taped off the sides with painter's tape. I sprayed it with black chalkboard spraypaint ( that I had leftover from the Chalkboard-footed Wineglasses I made for Christmas) to coat the center (two coats with a little dry time between).  Afterward, I "roughed up" the edges a bit to give it an aged look and rubbed the entire chalkboard surface with the side of a piece of chalk.

I like it!  It serves the purpose and I think it looks in place with the buffet.  Now I want to have a dinner party so I can write on it!