Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding the Old Me in the New Year with Weight Watchers!

Just to give you a little history on me, I used to be one of those thin gals (size 4) who ate a lot of junk and it didn't matter.  My mother always said that it would catch-up with me.....and it did.  After I had my son (9 years ago), I lost most of the baby weight right away, but found it increasingly difficult to keep it off.  Combine a lack of activity, hypothyroidism, and poor eating habits, and I ballooned over the years. 

BEFORE:  This was me (on vacation) 10 days before I joined WW Online
July, 2011
I love to cook and I know how to make healthy meals; however, I also love snacking and eating out.  I also got lazy about it all....buying lunch at work everyday and fast-food on the way home at night.  Before I knew it, I was 180 pounds and a size 16.  I gave away all of my "thin" clothes last Spring and decided that I was just going to be fat (because obviously I wasn't doing anything about it).  Then, my aunt joined Weight Watchers and started losing weight...she looked fantastic!  I had not seen her that thin since I was a teenager.  I was inspired

BEFORE:  This was me in August, 2011.....
I was already down over 10 lbs and feeling good about wearing a size 14.
So, on July 17, 2011, I joined Weight Watchers Online and downloaded the app for my iPhone.  I figured I would give the free trial a chance and if I hated it, I would quit.  Well, I loved it.  The mobile app made it so easy to track my eating and I was surprised how quickly the weight started coming off just with moderation and portion control.  I soon realized how out-of-proportion my serving sizes had been and how much I was snacking and grazing throughout the day. 
 It is now January 04. 2012, and I am 35 pounds lighter and a size 8!  I am half of who I was almost 6 months ago. 
AFTER:  This is me (a size 8) in December, 2011!
An old teacher saw me last month and said: "You look like you did in high school!"...what a compliment!  My new friends and coworkers never knew me as a thin person and they have all been amazed watching the transformation.  The best parts:  I feel great!  I have more energy and confidence.  My feet do not hurt like they did at the end of a 12 hour shift.  And, I am healthier and am setting a much better example for my son!  So, from time-to-time, I may post some great recipes I have found that are low-fat and conducive to a healthy diet....hopefully, you will be inspired to try a few.

My ultimate goal is a total of 50 I have 15 more to go.  What a great way to start 2012!  
AFTER:  Me wearing a "little black dress" to a Christmas party! 
December, 2011