Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Dragonfly

I posted about this project a couple of weeks ago when I found the parts on my treasure hunt at SA Architectural Antiques.  For my first time making one, I think it came out pretty darn cute!  We named her Daphne Dragonfly:DSCN7370
To make Daphne I used:
1 table leg
4 fan blades
wood screws
leftover paint
2 black screws
2 washers
craft wire
I purchased the table leg and the fan blades for $1.00/each.  Everything else was laying around the garage…..a $5.00 dragonfly, cool huh?
First, I cleaned-up and sanded the parts.  Then I gave the table leg a coat of spray paint (That pretty blue that I used on my DIY Two Chair Bench).DSCN7345
I sanded the table leg “body” a little and then removed the hardware from the fan blades.  DSCN7356
DSCN7346I then spray painted the fan blades.  These were white to start with and I layered them with the Blue Ocean Breeze blue and some Sun Yellow.  This made some pretty green shades too!DSCN7348DSCN7349
After everything dried, I used some old screws and washers…found in the bottom of my tool bag.. to make Daphne’s face.DSCN7360
And, I nailed some craft wire to the top to make her antennae.DSCN7358
The wings were secured with wood screws to the back of the table leg.DSCN7362
I also added some swirly white designs to her wings as a last minute thought…to give her a little “something”.  A hangar placed a little at an angle was screwed to the back so that she can “fly” on the backyard fence.DSCN7372
My son (and the neighbor kids) think she is pretty cute…and so do I!  Now she can buzz around my landscaping and add a little color to an otherwise boring fence!
Happy Crafting!

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