Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Two Chair Bench

I have loved this idea since I first saw it on Pinterest!  The first pin I saw was from a magazine and the bench was made using two matching chairs.
It didn’t take long to find other pins and blogs utilizing the same concept. I particularly liked this one from Kindall’s Creations

She made her bench using three mismatched chairs…even more to my liking than the one made with matching chairs in the first pin.

I decided that I had to have one of these in my entryway!  I’ve been eyeing chairs for months.  My mother texted me about an awesome turquoise blue chair she saw at a Goodwill Store yesterday , so I ran out first thing this morning to get it before it was gone….a steal for $4.99!  Then, I picked up the second one at another Goodwill store for $9.99.DSCN7265
I loved the color of the blue one, so I decided to just sand it down a little rather than re-paint it.  The red one got a new color though!
I primed it with an inexpensive white spraypaint, then I sprayed it with a beautiful color:  Krylon Ocean Breeze Blue.
I fastened the chairs together with a small board across the back and a metal bracket behind the front legs.DSCN7270DSCN7271
I’m sure there are other (maybe better) ways to do this, but it worked for me.
The bench from Kindall’s Creations (see above) had a cushion made with king-size pillows.  I looked at foam cushions but they were too pricey, so I also went with pillows.  For $2.50/each, I purchased two standard pillows at Walmart .  It was probably unnecessary, but I sewed the two pillows together before making the cover.DSCN7273
To keep a rustic/casual feel, I sewed the skirt strips together and just trimmed the edges with pinking shears.DSCN7275
After cutting the cotton fabric large enough to make a pillowcase, I pinned the skirt inside….pleating every few inches.DSCN7277
I put the pillows inside and stitched up the end….and I liked it.  The cushion needed something though…..tufting!!  I found a couple of buttons and placed them on either end. 
Now I love it!!! DSCN7283
I just want to make a bunch of cute little throw pillows for it!  Maybe holiday pillows….or monogrammed pillows….or ???? 

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