Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Window Photo Display

I LOVE Old Windows, don’t you? 

I have been looking for one for awhile…paned, with glass intact.  I saw all of the photo display ideas on Pinterest and decided I would do one if I ever found the right window.  Well, this past rainy Friday…..I found my window on Treasure Hunt day.  If you read that post, you know that I also found some other great treasures that day too (more on those projects to come...).

Here is the window in all of its peely, dusty, grimy glory (actually, I’ve already wiped it down once):DSCN7374
I like the old peeling paint and discoloration.  I think it adds to the piece’s story.  So, I tried to leave it as “authentic” as possible.  I did have to re-caulk some of the panes though.
After I got it cleaned-up (as good as it gets), I screwed large picture hangers into the top corners.DSCN7388

Then, I printed 6 photos using the “old photo” setting in Photobucket and mounted them to the back of the window using clear photo corners.DSCN7389

I had planned on using this in my hallway, but I liked it so much that I hung it on the wall in the living area. LOVE IT! 

The view from the couch:
My son (9 years old) wants to frost the window panes next Christmas…..I kinda like that idea too!

Happy Monday to you all!

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