Monday, February 6, 2012

Lamp Makeover

I received this lamp from a family friend in a “give-away” box of stuff.  The glass lamp was even filled with old potpourri! I thought it had potential though…..once you got past the 1980’s lampshade!  And, I am a sucker for anything glass....vases, lamps, jars, candlesticks, et cetera.DSCN7225DSCN7226Notice the rosettes and ribbon? That’s classic 80’s country style, right?
After taking the fabric off, I found that the wire frame for the lampshade was intact.  So, I started looking online at DIY options for making a new lampshade.  Unfortunately, some of the hardware was missing, so I was going to have to get a little creative.  After several attempts and shopping trips, I just couldn’t quite find a way to use the current lampshade on the lamp (without a total re-do of the wiring).  But, while I was looking for lampshade options, I found an awesome tutorial from Four Corners Design for a silverware lampshade.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!  I immediately pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards and started planning my silverware shopping trip.
I found an old lampshade for $1.99.  I took it apart and used the top ring for my lamp makeover.DSCN7230DSCN7233
I also found boxes of mismatched flatware at a local Goodwill Store for $0.19/each!  I picked out a bunch and brought it home to start to work.  I followed Four Corner’s tutorial and drilled holes in each piece of flatware.DSCN7243
Then I strung them with some wire I had in my craft pile. After playing with the arrangement, I twisted the wires in place around the lampshade ring.
I spray painted all of the brass hardware with aluminum spray paint. 
When it was dry, I put it all together and then wrapped the ring with a thin ribbon. 
I thought it would be a perfect light for my new buffet:
A fun flatware lampshade…why not?!?!?!

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