Friday, February 24, 2012

No Limits: I bought a TRUCK!

I was going to post another one of my recent projects (using some of my great finds from last week), but time got away from me.  

I spent the past two days (I was off from work) helping my mother lay laminate (wood-look) flooring in her soon-to-be craft room!  It turned out so nice.  Then, I did something a little on the spontaneous side.....I bought a new (new-to-me) truck!!

I have been itching to trade-in my SUV, but wasn't sure what kind of value I would get on my old vehicle and the ones I like are so pricey.  But, the sun was shining on this gorgeous Texas day and I thought: "Why not just get an estimate?"....that is where the trouble began.  Needless to say, they offered me a great deal on my trade-in and I found an AWESOME F150 TRUCK too!  So, I got it! 

My mother said that the only problem is that now I have NO more: "I shouldn't get that because I have no way to haul it home".  LOL!

Now to find some projects to pick-up.......  ;^)

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