Friday, February 17, 2012

Treasure Hunting in the Rain

I went on a treasure hunt today and found some awesome stuff!  I am sooo excited to get started on this week’s projects! My son was out of school today and my mother was off of work too……so it was off to do a little shopping/junking today!  We are having a lot of rainy days this winter, but the wet weather didn’t stop us.

Our first stop was the Habitat for Humanity store where we found some awesome deals on wood for my mother’s upcoming craft room re-do ($2 for a 3 ft x 5 ft piece of particle board) and some pegboard for my garage organization (only $5 for a 2ft x 8ft section) project (see pic's behind my awesome window and door panel).  
Some of my treasures!
Then, we went to one of my favorite places: Architectural Antiques. I first went to this warehouse before Christmas and fell in love. You never know what you will find! This is where I picked up my antique tin ceiling tiles that I use to display photos (see below).


Today, we walked in and saw the cutest project idea on display: a dragonfly.  The owner had made it similar to these on Lucy Designs.

So, my mother and I each bought dragonfly body parts!  We found spindles for $1/each and old fan blades also for $1/each.  I can hardly wait to put one together and display in my garden/yard.  I’ll keep you posted…..
Dragonfly Parts
I also found an old paned window (only $25...see it in the first pic) for another Pinterest project idea (see below).Pinned Image
We also picked up a piece of a door panel ($5).…great for making subway art, maybe?!?!
So many ideas, I can hardly stand the wait.  Now to decide which to start with……

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